Galaxy Edge SDK

Galaxy Edge offers specialized widgets and service components for extended functions of the Samsung Android devices. With so many apps and features on your phone, sometimes it takes a while to find what you need. Kind of like speed dial, Edge panels let you access your favorite apps and contents quickly and easily. And to make things better, you can add, remove, or download Edge panels any time you want. You can make it your own and have the information or actions you want available with just a swipe and a tap.

Galaxy Edge principles

The Edge allows users to quickly access frequently used applications and information through panels.

Edge panels can always be called regardless of the application currently opened. Panels can be used independently. The items are displayed in the order that the users have set.

  • Quick access type
    This is a Bridge. It is the access path of frequently used tasks or applications. It allows users to access tasks from any screen.

  • Quick view type
    This is an Overlay widget. It allows users to access and check information at any time without having to open applications.

  • Quick control type
    This is a Quick controller. It allows users to control tasks without having to open applications.


The Galaxy Edge SDK enhances the Android System with specialize widgets which would make the User Experience more usable, visually appealing, and intuitive. AirButton, SmartClip, WritingBuddy, PointerIcon, and Cocktail are the key features of this SDK. Watch the video and get introduced with Galaxy Edge SDK.