Smart Hospitality Display

Welcome your guests with captivating displays and memorable experiences that are managed by hotel staff using Tizen.

Elevate the Guest Experience

Today’s premium and luxury hotel guests expect an in-room environment that provides, or even surpasses, the comforts of home. Samsung provides crystal-clear, high-quality content presentation, and convenient operation through a customizable home menu. The powerful Tizen operating system enables secure and rapid development of business-ready Web applications.

Home Menu Tailored to Your Brand

Customize your home menu with your logo and an introductory video to greet guests.

Customize Each Guest’s Stay

Send personalized messages and reminders to guests’ displays to keep them updated on need-to-know information and details about their stay.

Easy In-room Requests

Guests can order room service or request extra amenities easily with their TV. Communication problems, including language barriers, are no longer an issue.

How To Distribute

Now is the perfect opportunity to publish applications for Samsung Smart Hospitality Displays.


Quick guide to check the essential items required before submitting the app on Samsung Apps TV Seller Office.

Smart TV Seller Office

Distribute your applications developed with Tizen.

Tizen Business Manager Portal

Enroll, Zero Touch Configure and Manage devices with Tizen Enterprise Portal.
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