Smart Signage for Your Business

Professional-grade image quality and high impact messaging to suit whatever your business needs. Learn how to extend service to big screen with Tizen Enterprise Platform.

Interactive Flip

Develop rich content and dynamic interaction in academic or business settings with Samsung high-impact interactive digital displays.

Strengthened Compatibility

Compatible with multiple web formats and standards, including HTML5 and ECMAScript 6. Bring C/C++ with WebAssembly. This allows partners to transfer their existing applications onto Tizen without the need for format conversions or additional steps.

Easy Development and Controls

Variety of tools and APIs to help with the development of their solutions

How To Distribute

Now is the perfect opportunity to publish applications for Samsung Smart Signages.


Quick guide to check the essential items required before submitting the app on Samsung Apps TV Seller Office.

Smart TV Seller Office

Distribute your app developed with Tizen

Tizen Business Manager Portal

Enroll, Zero Touch Configure and Manage devices with Tizen Enterprise Portal.
desktop mobile
desktop mobile

MagicINFO™ 9

Simplify everything to where users just need to establish an internet connection to begin playing digital content from the content server.