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PLEASE NOTE: The Samsung Developer Community forums are being replaced by a newer forum site based on the popular Discourse platform. The new Discourse forums are available today at and are monitored by the same Samsung support team that is here on Community. You will need to use your Samsung account to log into the new forums.

In the next few weeks, we will update the Community site to no longer accept new discussion topics. Several weeks later, no new replies will be allowed on Community. We will keep the Community forums available for some time, but eventually this site will no longer be available. We suggest that you save any information from this site that you find valuable.

Thank you for your support of the Samsung Developer Community. We're looking forward to seeing you at the new Discourse forums.

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SEED Program

SEED Program

SEED is a program for like minded developers to have a place to converge in one place by

sharing ideas with one another. SEED members are rewarded with SEEDs that can level up their status.