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Getting HRM and WRIST_UP sensor data from Gear-2

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Started by Newbie p_minovic , 420 Seed Apr 04, 2014 09:45 Replies : 2 View : 9428 Likes : 4
Does anybody know can we obtain heart rate monitor data and WRIST_UP data from Gear-2?
We are aware that we can get Pedometer data. However, according to docs, getMotionInfo method of the MotionManager interface supports only motion type PEDOMETER. Does it mean that HRM and WRIST_UP data are not available at all, or maybe they are available using the start method of the same interface (which will return motion info when values change)?

There is no way to check since we don't have the new Gear-2 yet, while the Emulator Control Panel can emulate only pedometer events.

We would also like to obtain raw accelerometer and gyroscope data but there are no hints in the documentation that this is possible, so I guess we are out of luck for the time being.




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Samsung Developer rohit.joshi26 , 32150 Seed Apr 07, 2014 06:44 Post #1 3
As per Samsung developer blog the Gear 2 has few apps which use heart rate, pace, and calories burned and some other information. 
but these are native apps. So as you told, looks like for 3rd party developers samsung has not yet released any APIs for HRM and Wrist up data
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Newbie jaysnanavati , 370 Seed May 26, 2014 10:14 Post #2 1
Are there any updates on this now, I am stuck on the same problem..
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