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Using sensor data with the Samsung Gear 2

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Started by Newbie androidparth , 770 Seed Mar 31, 2014 01:48 Replies : 2 View : 10445 Likes : 6
Hello developers,

I am trying to develop an application using the S-Gear SDK for Samsung gear 2 .

I want to display the information of sensors present on the gear. I went through the getting started guide for Gear, but I couldnt find any information related to the sensor API

Here is my requirement:

1 ) I want to send sensor information from my ANdroid device to the gear and then display it
2) I want to just display the sensor information of the gear .

Does anyone know how to use the Sensor API for gear. Please can someone provide a few links


gear2 , sensor , API

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Developer aduait , 2570 Seed Mar 31, 2014 05:22 Post #1 4
You can get all the tutorials and development guide in Tizen IDE for wearable's Help content.

For example System Information tutorial can be found at :

In Tizen IDE for wearable Open :

Help -> Help Contents -> Tizen Wearable Web Application Programming -> Tutorials -> Device API Tutorials -> System Tutorials -> System Information Tutorial

There are many tutorials which are explanatory enough.

Hope this helps.

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Samsung Developer chuvidi2003 , 37810 Seed Jun 10, 2014 00:41 Post #2 2
There is sample code for that here ...
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