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Samsung::NaClPlayer::ElementaryStreamListener Class Referenceabstract

Listener for receiving elementary stream related events. More...

#include <elementary_stream_listener.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual void OnNeedData (int32_t bytes)=0
virtual void OnEnoughData ()=0
virtual void OnSeekData (TimeTicks new_position)=0

Protected Member Functions

 ElementaryStreamListener ()

Detailed Description

Listener for receiving elementary stream related events.

Definition at line 19 of file elementary_stream_listener.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ElementaryStreamListener()

Samsung::NaClPlayer::ElementaryStreamListener::ElementaryStreamListener ( )

The default constructor which creates listener not attached to the player

Member Function Documentation

◆ OnEnoughData()

virtual void Samsung::NaClPlayer::ElementaryStreamListener::OnEnoughData ( )
pure virtual

Event is fired when internal queue is full. Application should stop pushing buffers.

Since Tizen 4.0 buffer size increased significantly, so we recommend against waiting for this event to stop pushing data to player.

◆ OnNeedData()

virtual void Samsung::NaClPlayer::ElementaryStreamListener::OnNeedData ( int32_t  bytes)
pure virtual

Event is fired when internal queue is running out of data.

Application should start pushing more data via ElementaryStream_Samsung::AppendPacket or ElementaryStream_Samsung::AppendEncryptedPacket function when this event is fired. We recommend pushing one packet each time this event is triggered.
[in]bytesThe meaning of this parameter is different depending on platform. On Tizen 2.4 and Tizen 3.0 it is amount of empty space in player's internal buffer. Since Tizen 4.0 it is amount of data left in the buffer. Please note that values passed in this parameter are approximate and can be safely ignored in most buffering scenarios.

◆ OnSeekData()

virtual void Samsung::NaClPlayer::ElementaryStreamListener::OnSeekData ( TimeTicks  new_position)
pure virtual

Event is fired to notify application to change position of the stream. After receiving this event, application should push buffers from the new position.

[in]new_positionThe new position in the stream.

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