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ContentProtectionVisitor Class Referenceabstract

This is an interface for classes provided by the application parsing DRM information from the DASH manifest. More...

#include <content_protection_visitor.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~ContentProtectionVisitor ()=default
 Destroys ContentProtectionVisitor object. More...
virtual std::shared_ptr< ContentProtectionDescriptorVisit (const std::vector< dash::mpd::IDescriptor * > &cp)=0

Protected Member Functions

 ContentProtectionVisitor ()=default
 ContentProtectionVisitor (const ContentProtectionVisitor &)=default
 ContentProtectionVisitor (ContentProtectionVisitor &&)=default
ContentProtectionVisitoroperator= (const ContentProtectionVisitor &)=default
ContentProtectionVisitoroperator= (ContentProtectionVisitor &&)=default

Detailed Description

This is an interface for classes provided by the application parsing DRM information from the DASH manifest.

This class is used to create ContentProtectionDescriptor objects basing on the DASH manifest.
The DASH manifest can have node <ContentProtection> describing DRM.

Format of the node describing ContentProtection is DRM system dependent.

ContentProtectionVisitor needs to be passed in DashManifest::ParseMPD method in order to be used. When the DASH parser encounters <ContentProtection> ContentProtectionVisitor::Visit is called. Application has to define by itself which fields - subnodes of <ContentProtection> node are needed to be parsed to find DRM information.

See also

Definition at line 89 of file content_protection_visitor.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ContentProtectionVisitor::~ContentProtectionVisitor ( )

Destroys ContentProtectionVisitor object.

ContentProtectionVisitor::ContentProtectionVisitor ( )
ContentProtectionVisitor::ContentProtectionVisitor ( const ContentProtectionVisitor )
ContentProtectionVisitor::ContentProtectionVisitor ( ContentProtectionVisitor &&  )

Member Function Documentation

ContentProtectionVisitor& ContentProtectionVisitor::operator= ( const ContentProtectionVisitor )
ContentProtectionVisitor& ContentProtectionVisitor::operator= ( ContentProtectionVisitor &&  )
virtual std::shared_ptr<ContentProtectionDescriptor> ContentProtectionVisitor::Visit ( const std::vector< dash::mpd::IDescriptor * > &  cp)
pure virtual

This method is called when DASH parser - DashManifest discovers <ContentProtection> node in DASH manifest and passes vector of it's contents.
This method performs a search for the DRM-dependent <ContentProtection> node and builds ContentProtectionDescription for this specific DRM.

[in]cpA vector of <ContentProtection> node content in which DRM information will be looked for.
ContentProtectionDescriptor builded by acquired information from <ContentProtection> node for specified DRM.
An empty shared_ptr if no information has been found.

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