is a Web UI framework for TV.

Develop High Performance Web Application Easily and Quickly.

CAPH consists of below modules.

  • - Key Navigation
  • - Scrollable List and Grid
  • - UI Components : Button, Radio Button, Toggle Button, Checkbox, Input, Dialog, Context Menu, Dropdown Menu
  • - Touch feature : Pan, Tap and Double Tap. (from CAPH 3.1)


CAPH3 is very light and flexible based on AngularJS or jQuery.

See the documents for AngularJS
Getting Started API Reference Reference App & Samples


See the documents for jQuery
Getting Started API Reference Reference App & Sample

When you have any question regarding CAPH,

High Performance

CAPH is developed for Samsung Tizen TV. The web application with CAPH will have good performance.



All UI components in CAPH are customizable. Developers can decorate each UI Component using inner html.


Easy and Quick

CAPH3 provides an easy development environment and enable an application to adapt cross-platform environment with less fragmentation.

Tizen TV’s TED app Built Using CAPH Framework

Feb. 2016 - TED has launched a new app on Samsung Tizen TV, and the CAPH team is pleased to announce that TED has built the app on the CAPH3 framework.
TED is leveraging CAPH's high performance scrollable thumbnail lists, stable key navigation and customizable component architecture to deliver a great user experience designed consistently with the TED brand.

TED has built based on CAPH reference app. You can see our reference app in below links.
Reference App for AngularJS Reference App for jQuery

Please watch the video demo, or run the TED app on Tizen TV.

CAPH Framework Key Features:

• Key Navigation

◦ Helps developers handle user input from four directional keys on the remote.
◦ Easy implementation examples:
  Key Navigation Sample (Angular JS), Key Navigation Sample (jQuery)

• Scrollable List

◦ CAPH’s Scrollable List offers great performance on par with native implementations.
How is it possible? CAPH maximized the usage of the GPU, since TV devices generally have a far more powerful GPU than CPU.
◦ See the example: List Sample (Angular JS), List Sample (jQuery)

Reference Apps

Video player reference app. Click this link for demo the app.
Reference App for AngularJS Reference App for jQuery

Tutorial Video

This video shows how to use Key Navigation(focusable) in your app.
Sample for AngularJS Sample for jQuery