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pp::CompletionCallbackWithOutput< T > Class Template Reference

#include <completion_callback.h>

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- Public Types inherited from pp::internal::CompletionCallbackWithOutputBase< T, internal::CallbackOutputTraits< T > >
< T >::StorageType 
< T >::APIArgType 
< T
- Public Member Functions inherited from pp::internal::CompletionCallbackWithOutputBase< T, internal::CallbackOutputTraits< T > >
 CompletionCallbackWithOutputBase (OutputStorageType *output)
 CompletionCallbackWithOutputBase (PP_CompletionCallback_Func func, void *user_data, OutputStorageType *output)
 CompletionCallbackWithOutputBase (PP_CompletionCallback_Func func, void *user_data, int32_t flags, OutputStorageType *output)
APIArgType output () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from pp::CompletionCallback
 CompletionCallback ()
 CompletionCallback (PP_CompletionCallback_Func func, void *user_data)
 CompletionCallback (PP_CompletionCallback_Func func, void *user_data, int32_t flags)
void set_flags (int32_t flags)
void Run (int32_t result)
void RunAndClear (int32_t result)
bool IsOptional () const
const PP_CompletionCallback & pp_completion_callback () const
int32_t flags () const
int32_t MayForce (int32_t result) const
- Protected Attributes inherited from pp::CompletionCallback
PP_CompletionCallback cc_

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class pp::CompletionCallbackWithOutput< T >

A CompletionCallbackWithOutput defines a completion callback that additionally stores a pointer to some output data. Some C++ wrappers take a CompletionCallbackWithOutput when the browser is returning a bit of data as part of the function call. The "output" parameter stored in the CompletionCallbackWithOutput will receive the data from the browser.

You can create this yourself, but it is most common to use with the CompletionCallbackFactory's NewCallbackWithOutput, which manages the storage for the output parameter for you and passes it as an argument to your callback function.

Note that this class doesn't actually do anything with the output data, it just stores a pointer to it. C++ wrapper objects that accept a CompletionCallbackWithOutput will retrieve this pointer and pass it to the browser as the output parameter.

Definition at line 232 of file completion_callback.h.

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