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pp::Font_Dev Class Reference

#include <font_dev.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Font_Dev ()
 Font_Dev (PP_Resource resource)
 Font_Dev (const InstanceHandle &instance, const FontDescription_Dev &description)
 Font_Dev (const Font_Dev &other)
Font_Devoperator= (const Font_Dev &other)
bool Describe (FontDescription_Dev *description, PP_FontMetrics_Dev *metrics) const
bool DrawTextAt (ImageData *dest, const TextRun_Dev &text, const Point &position, uint32_t color, const Rect &clip, bool image_data_is_opaque) const
int32_t MeasureText (const TextRun_Dev &text) const
uint32_t CharacterOffsetForPixel (const TextRun_Dev &text, int32_t pixel_position) const
int32_t PixelOffsetForCharacter (const TextRun_Dev &text, uint32_t char_offset) const
bool DrawSimpleText (ImageData *dest, const std::string &text, const Point &position, uint32_t color, bool image_data_is_opaque=false) const
int32_t MeasureSimpleText (const std::string &text) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from pp::Resource
 Resource ()
 The default constructor. More...
 Resource (const Resource &other)
virtual ~Resource ()
 Destructor. More...
Resourceoperator= (const Resource &other)
bool is_null () const
PP_Resource pp_resource () const
PP_Resource detach ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Var GetFontFamilies (const InstanceHandle &instance)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from pp::Resource
 Resource (PP_Resource resource)
 Resource (PassRef, PP_Resource resource)
void PassRefFromConstructor (PP_Resource resource)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 100 of file font_dev.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pp::Font_Dev::Font_Dev ( )
pp::Font_Dev::Font_Dev ( PP_Resource  resource)
pp::Font_Dev::Font_Dev ( const InstanceHandle instance,
const FontDescription_Dev description 
pp::Font_Dev::Font_Dev ( const Font_Dev other)

Member Function Documentation

uint32_t pp::Font_Dev::CharacterOffsetForPixel ( const TextRun_Dev text,
int32_t  pixel_position 
) const
bool pp::Font_Dev::Describe ( FontDescription_Dev description,
PP_FontMetrics_Dev *  metrics 
) const
bool pp::Font_Dev::DrawSimpleText ( ImageData dest,
const std::string &  text,
const Point position,
uint32_t  color,
bool  image_data_is_opaque = false 
) const
bool pp::Font_Dev::DrawTextAt ( ImageData dest,
const TextRun_Dev text,
const Point position,
uint32_t  color,
const Rect clip,
bool  image_data_is_opaque 
) const
static Var pp::Font_Dev::GetFontFamilies ( const InstanceHandle instance)
int32_t pp::Font_Dev::MeasureSimpleText ( const std::string &  text) const
int32_t pp::Font_Dev::MeasureText ( const TextRun_Dev text) const
Font_Dev& pp::Font_Dev::operator= ( const Font_Dev other)
int32_t pp::Font_Dev::PixelOffsetForCharacter ( const TextRun_Dev text,
uint32_t  char_offset 
) const

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