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pp::StreamParser_Samsung Class Referenceabstract

Interface allowing NaCl applicaton to implement its own stream demuxer. More...

#include <stream_parser_samsung.h>

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Public Member Functions

 StreamParser_Samsung (Instance *instance)
 Creates StreamParser_Samsung associated with given |instance|. More...
virtual ~StreamParser_Samsung ()
 Destructor. More...
bool RegisterParser (const char *type)
bool Init (int32_t stream_id, bool result, PP_MicrosecondsDelta duration)
bool NewAudioConfig (int32_t stream_id, const PP_SP_AudioDecoderConfig &)
bool NewVideoConfig (int32_t stream_id, const PP_SP_VideoDecoderConfig &)
bool NewBuffers (int32_t stream_id, PP_StreamType type, int32_t track_id, PP_Resource buffer, uint32_t frames_count, const struct PP_Frames frames[])
void NewMediaSegment (int32_t stream_id, PP_MicrosecondsDelta timestamp)
void EndOfSegment (int32_t stream_id)
 Signals end of segment for given |stream_id|. More...
bool NeedKey (int32_t stream_id, const Var &type, uint32_t init_data_size, uint8_t *init_data)
virtual bool Init (int32_t stream_id)=0
virtual void Flush (int32_t stream_id)=0
virtual bool Parse (int32_t stream_id, Buffer_Dev data)=0
virtual void Close (int32_t stream_id)=0
 Called when a parser must be "closed". Used for flushes the current parser. More...

Detailed Description

Interface allowing NaCl applicaton to implement its own stream demuxer.

Definition at line 19 of file stream_parser_samsung.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pp::StreamParser_Samsung::StreamParser_Samsung ( Instance instance)

Creates StreamParser_Samsung associated with given |instance|.

virtual pp::StreamParser_Samsung::~StreamParser_Samsung ( )


Definition at line 26 of file stream_parser_samsung.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void pp::StreamParser_Samsung::Close ( int32_t  stream_id)
pure virtual

Called when a parser must be "closed". Used for flushes the current parser.

void pp::StreamParser_Samsung::EndOfSegment ( int32_t  stream_id)

Signals end of segment for given |stream_id|.

virtual void pp::StreamParser_Samsung::Flush ( int32_t  stream_id)
pure virtual

Called when a seek occurs. This flushes the current parser state and puts the parser in a state where it can receive data for the new seek point.

bool pp::StreamParser_Samsung::Init ( int32_t  stream_id,
bool  result,
PP_MicrosecondsDelta  duration 

Indicates completion of parser initialization. |stream_id| it's a id of stream, that Browser request to parse, if Borwser request parsing more that one stream of that type, it's allows to recognize that stream. On success, |result| is set to PP_OK, or PP_FALSE if an error occurred. If initialization is success, the |duration| contains stream duration (in microseconds).

virtual bool pp::StreamParser_Samsung::Init ( int32_t  stream_id)
pure virtual

Initialize the parser. Must be called before any data is passed to Parse(). |stream_type| describe type of stream to parse (should be one of type, passed in PPB RegisterParser). |stream_id| it's a id of stream to parse.

bool pp::StreamParser_Samsung::NeedKey ( int32_t  stream_id,
const Var type,
uint32_t  init_data_size,
uint8_t *  init_data 

A new potentialy encrypted stream has been parsed. |type| describes type of the initialization data |init_data| associated with the stream.

bool pp::StreamParser_Samsung::NewAudioConfig ( int32_t  stream_id,
const PP_SP_AudioDecoderConfig &   

Indicates when new audio configuration have been parsed, |config| it's a configuration struct

bool pp::StreamParser_Samsung::NewBuffers ( int32_t  stream_id,
PP_StreamType  type,
int32_t  track_id,
PP_Resource  buffer,
uint32_t  frames_count,
const struct PP_Frames  frames[] 

New stream buffers have been parsed, |type| indicates type of track it's enum defined in pp_stream_parser_samsung.h, |track_id| it's id of track, useful if is more that one track of that type

void pp::StreamParser_Samsung::NewMediaSegment ( int32_t  stream_id,
PP_MicrosecondsDelta  timestamp 

Signals the beginning od a new media segment, |timestamp| the earliest timestamp of all the streams in the segment

bool pp::StreamParser_Samsung::NewVideoConfig ( int32_t  stream_id,
const PP_SP_VideoDecoderConfig &   

Indicates when new video configuration have been parsed, |config| it's a configuration struct

virtual bool pp::StreamParser_Samsung::Parse ( int32_t  stream_id,
Buffer_Dev  data 
pure virtual

Called when there is new data to parse. |data| contains stream to parse.

Return PP_OK if the parse succeds

bool pp::StreamParser_Samsung::RegisterParser ( const char *  type)

Used for registering stream parser in Browser. |type| is a MIME type of stream, to witch parser be registered.

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