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The Media Share feature in AllShare Framework 2.0 can now be found in the Samsung Mobile SDK as the Media Control Package. As a result, this SDK will be discontinued at the end of 2014. Please ensure you download the latest version of the Samsung Mobile SDK for your next development project.

AllShare keeps all your Samsung smart devices connected, seamlessly and effortlessly.

The AllShare Framework gives you access to your content anytime, anywhere within your AllShare enabled network.
The AllShare Framework SDK is a development tool that allows you to realize your ideas and create convergence applications.
The SDK includes a set of APIs, the Eclipse IDE, simulators, and sample applications to help you build AllShare functionality into your applications.

What Scenarios Are Possible?

By using AllShare Framework SDK, you can add following features into your applications.

  1. Seamlessly stream media files stored in a device or web server to other devices. Using your applications, users can share movie, music and photo with friends and family members by playing the media with display devices such as Samsung Smart TV.
  2. Remotely control a Samsung Smart TV. Your application can control a Samsung Smart TV and applications running on the Samsung Smart TV including web browser.
  3. Instantly mirror mobile device’s screen being displayed on another device in real-time. Your application can mirror the screen of a mobile device over Wi-Fi Direct to a display device which is compatible with Wi-Fi MiracastTM.

Eclipse update site :

URL copied to clipboard. To install the AllShare Framework SDK and Tools,
open Eclipse, goto 'Help > Install New Software',
and paste this URL into the dialog box.

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  • FAQ

    If you are new to the AllShare framework, and you want to quickly know what the AllShare framework is all about. This is
    the answers for you. This article gives you the answers of some frequently asked questions such as, what is AllShare framework and what features can you get from the AllShare framework?

  • Release Note

    Release Name : AllShare Framework SDK 2.0.0 , AllShare Framework Development Tool
    Release Date : 2013.06.27
    Release Content : SDK v2.0.0 (available for online installation)

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