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  • Tutorial : Basic Rich Notification Development new

    Blog Oct 30, 2014

    The Rich Notification SDK brings a swift and intuitive experience for Gear S users. It provides a lightweight service for updates and packages information suitable for mobility. Discover the new responsive interface by following the tutorial video. Explore and tweak the sample application now.

  • Tutorial : How to use Remote Test Lab new

    Blog Oct 30, 2014

    Have you ever had problems wondering how your app will look or perform in different devices because you only have a few test devices? The Remote Test Lab (RTL) is a convenient solution that helps developers control devices remotely. With minimal configuration and requirements, the RTL is an easy to use tool. Take a moment and watch the video below to see the various featur...

  • Tutorial : Flexible Design for the Gear

    Blog Sep 11, 2014

    With the Gear Series, Tizen has enabled seamless integration of applications and widgets by using intuitive layouts, viewports and meta tags. Implementation will now be easier on not only one type of Gear Wearable but across all Multi Resolution wearable devices.

  • Launch of ‘Apps Marketing’ contents on Samsung Developers

    News Sep 5, 2014

    Let us introduce our brand new ‘Apps Marketing’ contents on Samsung Developers website. We have designed ‘Apps Marketing’ to provide you with materials that could be used on promotional materials for your applications, plus to give you a space to showcase your successful applications to other developers and users.‘Apps Marketing’ is located under ‘Distribut...

  • Tutorial : Advanced Gesture SDK

    Blog Sep 2, 2014

    Speed up functionality and connectivity with the Gesture SDK! Gesture has the capability to get the speed of preformed gesture and even get the exact time stamp.The sample application, “Wave”, makes use of this added feature of the Gesture SDK and can be implemented into your own application. Download “Wave” by clicking the link above and also watch the following t...

  • [Interview] Skedio, Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013 1st place winner

    Blog Aug 29, 2014

    * Samsung Smart App Challenge 1st place winner! Skedio, is a vector based drawing app with rich editing capabilities which enables users to produce or edit a high quality illustration very easily. You can make precise adjustments to all objects from simple lines to complex, free-form curves, professional-looking work can be produces by everyone. Judges reviewed that it’...

  • [Interview] Clone Camera, Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013 1st place winner

    Blog Aug 29, 2014

    Samsung Smart App Challenge 1st place winner! Clone Camera, is a great app that combines multiple photo editing functions. You can create unique photos with Clone Camera’s function of cloning figures of a person or other objects multiple times in one photo. It received high reviews from judges for its interesting and simple, easy-to-use design and won the 1st place in S...

  • [Interview] Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013 for GALAXY Note 2nd place winners

    Blog Aug 28, 2014

    Along with the 3rd place winners’ interview, we also interviewed the 2nd place winners of Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013 for GALAXY Note. Check out the video and interview to find out more of the motivation and stories behind the app development. Samsung Smart App Challenge 2nd place winners! * Galaxy Ranger[Question] Could you tell us about any of your (or your co...

  • [Interview] Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013 for GALAXY Note 3rd place winners

    Blog Aug 28, 2014

    Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013 for GALAXY Note, a global contest to develop applications for the GALAXY Note 3 and Note 10.1(2014 Edition) was held last year with two categories ‘Smart Note Apps’ and ‘Smart Tablet Apps.’ Contestants were required to use the S Pen or S Look package in the Samsung Mobile SDK when developing their applications and a total of $1.1 mi...

  • Tutorial: The Basics of Gesture SDK

    Blog Aug 27, 2014

    Have you got wet hands while cooking and need to turn the page of a recipe on your Samsung Smart Device? Look no further! The Gesture SDK allows you to interact with your Samsung Smart Device with ease.The Gesture SDK allows hand gestures to be used as input events in basic operations of a Samsung Smart Device and even implement on a application.Download the Sample Applica...