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  • Tutorial : Advanced Gear2 Database Development

    Blog Aug 5, 2014

    Using the Indexed Database in the Gear2 would enable to create an efficient and effective way in sorting and storing data captured by the wearable device.The Gear 2 supports three types of storage options: File API, Web Storage, and Indexed Database. The Indexed Database API easily integrates its object based data store with its JavaScript.Indexed DatabaseGo ahead and try ...

  • Tutorial : Game Integration with Remote Sensor

    Blog Jul 11, 2014

    Using Remote Sensor data can be used as input data. Catch Me If You Can! is a game that utilizes the data that comes from the Remote Sensor. Remote Sensor allows a user to collect remote sensor data from a wearable device. The data can be a pedometer data, user activity event, or wearing state. Bluetooth communication facilitates the transfer of sensor data from the wearab...

  • Tutorial : Basic Gear2 Database Development

    Blog Jul 9, 2014

    Gear 2 has solutions that would allow developers to create applications that need storage options using its 4GB flash storage.There are three storage types for Gear 2. Each has different characteristics that the developer can use. The File API can manage audio and video files. The Indexed Database is able to store data based objects. Finally the Web Storage saves structure...

  • Remote Test Lab’s newest feature - S Pen Control

    News Jun 19, 2014

    Now you can test pen input and hovering features in your app on with the new S Pen Simulation feature available on all Galaxy Note models with an S Pen. This new and improved S Pen feature will enable easier application testing, helping you to make sure your app works as expected on every Galaxy Note Device, every time.   Let’s start off by choosing a device that suppo...

  • Tutorial : Guideline for Samsung Gear UI Design hot

    Blog Jun 12, 2014

    Being called a companion device, the Gear 2 expands and enriches the mobile experience. The mobile device UI is the basis for the Gear 2’s UI allowing it to be optimized and fit for a small screen. In this tutorial you can familiarize yourself with the fundamental facets of the Gear 2 user interface.Please check 'Gear UI design guideline' for the details.Gear UI ...

  • Tutorial : How to get user activity from Gear using Remote Sensor hot

    Blog Jun 10, 2014

    The tutorial found below discusses how to create a Samsung Gear Remote Sensor application. Remote Sensor allows you to collect remote sensor data from a wearable device. The data can be a pedometer data, user activity event, or wearing state. Bluetooth communication facilitates the transfer of sensor data from the wearable device. The Remote Sensor Service, packaged in the...

  • The first Samsung Gear Hackathon in Korea

    Events Jun 9, 2014

    This year, Samsung is planning to host various events globally to help developers better understand the Samsung Gear Dev Tool and Samsung Gear2. The first Samsung Gear Hackathon in Korea was held on May 24th and 25th for 2 days. From group of high school students to mid-age freelance developers, various teams joined the Hackathon with their overwhelming great ideas. On t...

  • Tutorial : Utilize the Accessory File Transfer on Samsung Gear hot

    Blog Jun 3, 2014

    The tutorial found below analyzes how a Samsung Gear File Transfer application is created. This session is a four-part series. Parts 1 and 2 show the development on the Android part of the application. The first deals with the Service part of the application, while the second deals with the creation of the Activity part. Part 3 shows the development of the Tizen part of th...

  • Tutorial : How to build a Basic Integrated Gear Application hot

    Blog May 19, 2014

    The tutorial found below teaches developers how to build a basic sample application for Samsung Accessory Protocol (SAP). This is a three-part series. It also teaches how to test the applications using the Emulator. Part 1 is all about the development on the Android side. Part 2 deals with the development on the Tizen side. Part 3 is about the complete application for SAP,...

  • Tutorial : Gear Pre-development Preparation hot

    Blog May 8, 2014

    Developing applications for Wearable Technology is made easy with the Tizen SDK for Wearable and Samsung Mobile SDK 1.5, you can go ahead and create for the new Samsung Gear!
    Before you get started, please refer to the tutorial videos including A-Z of Gear Pre-development Preparation.