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  • 2014 Mobile App Development Trend by VisionMobile

    Events Apr 11, 2014

    The VisionMobile CEO presented the latest mobile app development trend, based on the survey with more than 7,000 mobile developers at the Samsung Developer Day 2014.

  • Samsung Developer Day 2014 at MWC Session Videos

    Blog Apr 9, 2014

    Samsung Developer Day 2014 was held in Mobile World Congress with more than 700+ developers to talk about the latest tools, SDKs and technologies for Samsung devices and content services.

  • Dots Out! The 1st place winner of Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013

    Events Apr 1, 2014

    The 1st place winner of Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013 for GALAXY S4, Dots out, is a flicking game with clean-cut design and simple gameplay for players of all ages to enjoy. It received high reviews from judges for its universal and appealing design. Check the interview and hear from the developer who won $200,000!

  • Interview with the Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013 2nd place winners

    Events Mar 28, 2014

    Along with the 3rd place winners’ interview, we also interviewed the 2nd place winners of Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013 for GALAXY S4. Check out the video and interview to find out more of the motivation and stories behind the app development.

  • Interview with the Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013 3rd place winners

    Events Mar 26, 2014

    Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013 for GALAXY S4, a global competition for app development using the Samsung Chord SDK was held last year for approximately three months. The goal was to discover innovative, creative apps that apply a group management feature to create real-time groups among smart devices and ten winning teams were selected from 50 countries.

  • Tizen SDK for Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo Available Starting Today

    News Mar 19, 2014

    Samsung expands Tizen ecosystem to provide enhanced wearable experiences

  • [MWC 2014] The Best Moments from Samsung Developer Day and Session Materials hot

    Events Mar 7, 2014

    Samsung held its Developers Day event in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress 2014. The Samsung Developer Day has taken place annually since 2011, so this is the 4th attendance of MWC.
    700+ developers and other attendees packed the Theatre A in Hall 8.0 on Feb 26 for Samsung Developer Day 2014 at MWC. Samsung announced their newest SDKs for the Samsung GALAXY S5 and Gear 2, and Gear fit. There was a Keynote speech, several technical sessions, an award ceremony of Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013(A global app development challenge), and a guest session of VisionMobile. (VisionMobile is one of the leading research companies in the app economy and mobile business.)

  • [MWC 2014] Let’s re-cap the first day of the exhibition and check out the FULL De...

    Events Feb 25, 2014

    Yesterday, Samsung Electronics officially introduced the world to the newest flagship member of its hardware family, the “GALAXY S5” at the highly anticipated “Unpacked 5”event at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona. While the world was watching, we also introduced our cutting edge wearable technology lineup, featuring the Samsung Gear 2, Gear fit and Gear Neo.

  • Samsung Developers Conference Oct 28-29 2013, San Francisco

    Events Dec 23, 2013

    Samsung held Developers Conference in San Francisco with over 1,300 developers.

  • Samsung Developer Day in Mexico was held in Oct.

    Events Dec 5, 2013

    Samsung first made the Developers Day 2013 in Mexico and Latin America in Oct 3rd, where developers were invited to collaborate with Samsung to create more and better content that works in today's smart devices, providing the developing tools and tips necessary to develop innovative apps. Over 150 attendees came to Mexico City paid attention to 4 technical sessions ab...