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Galaxy smartphones make up the world's largest mobile gaming platform. A number of major game engine and publishers are already collaborating with Samsung and many more are joining the alliance. We announced the Galaxy GameDev program at Samsung Developer Conference 2016, extending our support beyond the big players to all developers creating games for Galaxy devices.

Galaxy GameDev provides access to a variety of technical and marketing support options to assist developers. Indirect support is provided via our online resources. Additional support is available to developers who have signed a confidentiality agreement with Samsung.

Galaxy GameDev Partners

Notice and News

  • The new Game developer landing page is now opened !

    Galaxy GameDev – game developer support program of Samsung announced early 2016 – has just launched the developer landing-page in the official developer web-site of Samsung.

    There are many documents like tutorials, user guides, tech articles to help developing Vulkan graphics rendering and optimizing gaming applications.
    The page also provides many useful resources about code samples and extra information like development tools.

    Upcoming events information will let the developers know the events which Samsung GameDev team will attend and the information and materials of past events are included too.

    Any game developers who want to join GameDev support program can easily find contact details on the page.

    If you want to know more about Galaxy GameDev program or need any information regarding developing Vulkan or android games, please visit this game developer landing page right now!
  • Welcome to SDC 2017 October 18~19 Moscone West, San Francisco #SDC2017

    The Samsung Developer Conference brings together thousands of developers, technologists, business leaders, innovators, designers, and content creators to network and learn about the next wave of intelligent technology.

    This two-day event is packed with technical talks, hands-on labs and thought leader panels that provide attendees of all skill levels with the training, practical advice and the inspiration they need to stay at the forefront of the industry.

    Experience new products, services and software from Samsung and its partners in both high impact and emerging categories such as mobile, IoT, cloud, wearables, enterprise, healthcare, VR and Gaming.

    Especially for the game developers, SDC delivers demo experience booth and several interesting sessions. Developers can check Samsung’s strategy about gaming and the real behind story of collaboration with Samsung from the industry top developers. Of course, pure technical session is prepared for serious game developers who want to know more about using Vulkan and optimizing their games for better performance.

Galaxy GameDev Partners

Samsung's GameDev team is supporting over 50 game companies and around 30 game titles with remote and on-site engineering support. More information about our partners and the game titles we are working on can be found on our Partners page.

Galaxy GameDev Partners


Upcoming Events

The GameDev team attends a variety of industry events worldwide to deliver technical presentations and meet with game developers. To find out where we will be next, please visit our Upcoming Events page.

Events Archive

Videos and PDF slides of our event presentations can be found on our Events Archive page.

Technical Documents

To ensure all developers benefit from our collaboration with Galaxy GameDev members, we have authored the following collection of best practice guides for Galaxy devices.

User Guides
Tool Guides


Our resources page lists Tools and SDKs that we recommend for developing, debugging and profiling games on Galaxy devices.


The GameDev team can be contacted via our email address.