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Tizen SDK for Wearable

Oct 6, 2014

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Samsung Accessory SDK

Nov 20, 2014

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Samsung Gear Application consists of the Host-side Application which runs on Android-based Samsung mobile devices, and the Wearable-side Widget which runs on Tizen-based Samsung Gear devices.

The Host-side Application can be developed in the common Android development environment, whereas, the Wearable-side Widget can be developed with Tizen SDK for Wearable.

In addition, Samsung Accessory SDK is the necessary component for communicating between the Host-side Application and Wearable-side Widget.

For developing Samsung Gear Application, you need both of the Tizen SDK for Wearable and Samsung Accessory SDK. You can find more details on how to develop Gear Application in the 'Hello Accessory Developer's Guide' document below.

What Can I do with SDKs for Samsung Gear S?

  • Enhanced Standalone Features

    Develop enhanced standalone Gear app with enhanced network, call and Location-based APIs. Samsung Gear S can solely connect 3G network without mobile devices.

  • New Sensor APIs

    Try Magnetic, Ambient Light, Barometer, and UV Sensor APIs which are added newly as well as Accelerometer and Gyroscope APIs.

  • Rich Notification

    Create variety of notifications for Gear using Samsung Rich Notification SDK. Rich Notification SDK

  • Data Transfer

    Connect GALAXY device to Gear device, and send messages, data, and files using Samsung Accessory SDK. Accessory SDK

How Can I Develop Gear Application?

  1. SDK

    Tizen SDK for Wearable Samsung Accessory SDK

    Download Links

  2. Gear App Development

    Getting Started with samples & Documents!

    Technical Resource

  3. Getting
    the Gear

    Secure your app to upload to Samsung Gear Apps

    Certification Guide

  4. Testing

    If you have no Gear device, Use Gear Emulator & RTL

    Get Gear Emulator

    RTL Service

  5. Registration through Samsung
    GALAXY Apps

    Gear App Distribution Guide

    Samsung GALAXY Apps Seller Office

Technical Resources

Technical Documentation

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