Make your own Gear watch face in just a few steps on your Mac and PC.
Now available for Gear S, Gear S2, Gear Fit2, and Gear S3.


Tizen SDK

Tizen SDK provides everything you need to develop apps for Tizen

New Features on the New device

Download the SDK and start building your services for Samsung Gear S3.
We can’t wait to meet the new apps you will create!

Designing Your Apps

Samsung Gear S3 provides you new UX components, which allows you to use it to build new user experiences.

Distribute Your App

With a reach to all users in over 180 countries, the Samsung Galaxy Apps is a specifically designed apps store for Gear apps.
Find a comprehensive walkthrough on using the Seller Office. Add your app, promote, and even manage it yourself.


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    Gear S2: Developers’ First Look

    This is an introduction to the Gear S2’s app development and testing. Comparing it to ...

  • Mind Your Media Files with Content API

    Gear Application Type

    Make it easier to create application for the Gear Series. Know what types of applications...

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    Advanced Rich Notification

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Looking for Community?

Meet other developers in the forums.
Share information through the Samsung Developer Site, and participate actively in the forums.

Looking for a Club

Gear S2 Developers' First Look

This is an introduction to the Gear S2’s app development and testing. Comparing it to the past Gear devices in terms of design, performance, experience, capabilities and opportunities. Since it is the first one to cater to both web and native apps, there are a lot more APIs to utilize along with various SDKs. This also gives you the options you have on how to test the app. Download the APKs for emulator testing here: Check out the details on sdb commands here:

Gear Application Types - '15 Dec

The Gear has come a long way since its introduction and has gone a lot of changes to improve its users way of life. One of those changes is the Application Types supported by the Gear. In today's episode, we'll talk about the architecture, the services linking devices together, and how to make the Gear and Galaxy work together to create seamless experiences. This version updates how the Wearable is made easier for developers to build applications on the Gear. For further information on the updated Gear Application Types: created by Samsung Developers. For more tutorials, please visit the Samsung Developers (

Advanced Rich Notification

Engaging users with their device is important as its aesthetics. With the Gear S, it combines both seamlessly and effectively. People today need devices that they can rely on, giving them quick and reliable information. This episode will enable to use functionalities of the Rich Notification in any application. Follow the step by step walkthrough and also download the sample application to get a feel of creating an Advanced Rich Notification application. Samsung Developers