Connect to GWDENKRCN

You can connect to the Gear Watch Designer in two ways.

1. Wi-Fi


Turn on Debugging on your Gear before attempting to connect it.


Step 1. Connect your Gear and computer to the same Wi-Fi network

* If you have trouble connecting, please refer to the FAQs.

Step 2. Find your Gear in the Run on Device list

If you see , your Gear doesn’t have a distributor certificate. To get one, click on your Gear’s details and follow the on-screen instructions.

2. Through your phone


Turn on Debugging on both your Gear and your phone.

Gear: Settings > Gear info > Debugging
Mobile: (Galaxy S8) Settings > Developer options > USB debugging

* To turn on Developer options on a Galaxy S8,
go to Settings > About device > Software info and
tap the Build number several times until you see “Developer options enabled.”


To connect through a phone, sdb over BT needs to be installed.

You’ll be asked to install sdb over BT automatically when you start to use the Gear Watch Designer or you can find the APK file in the \\GearWatchDesigner\tizen\tools\ folder.


Step 1. Establish a connection
Connect your Gear to your phone using Bluetooth,
then connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable.


Step 2. Open sdb over BT on your phone

Tap 1.Tap SCAN.
Tap 2.Select the Gear device that you want to connect to.

* Pop-up message could be appeared several times on the Gear during connecting process.

Step 3. Open the Run on Device panel in the Gear Watch Designer

Select your Android phone from the device list to show the Gear device.
Select this Gear device to connect to it.