Introducing the S Pen SDK

[S Pen 2.x] Nov 23, 2012

Introducing the S Pen SDK

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This is the first of a series of videos showing you how to build apps which make use of the features of the S Pen SDK.

The S Pen SDK allows you to build pen driven applications to take advantage of the innovative pen input mechanism included with the Galaxy Note range of devices. It opens up a whole range of opportunities for developers in areas such as education, drawing apps, games and business. You can use the SDK to create apps which support advanced gestures and signature recognition, make use of powerful image processing filters and implement the unique hovering feature.

This video takes a practical approach; introducing the S Pen SDK from a technical perspective and helping you get your development started. We start by explaining the main features of S Pen including drawing, signature recognition, hovering, image filters, scratch effects and animations. Then we show you how to install the SDK and get down to the code level by explaining the role of the CanvasView and walking you through some example code.

Our example app shows you how to implement basic drawing functions, support undo and redo and choose a background image, as well as allowing the user to change pen settings. We’ll make the complete sample available for you to download, so keep checking this site.

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