App Certification

This document specifies certification guidelines related to application, widget or any passive content (hereinafter referred to as the "content or "contents") that runs on mobile devices for Samsung Apps. The certification guide is organized by the Samsung Apps policy for content registration, and by requirement criteria such as usability, functionality, and compatibility. This document describes the certification guide which will be used to test content when developers request content registration for Samsung Apps. Samsung will from time to time update and conduct audits to satisfy that this policy is being complied with for stakeholders; users, sellers, mobile operators or the public. Samsung will complete a detailed review of the content and send feedback to developers with notification e-mails. Samsung reserves the right to approve or withhold approval and reject any content at its sole discretion. If any registered content is found objectionable by users, or if it DOES NOT comply with certification guidelines, Samsung reserves the right to remove any content from Samsung Apps at any time without seller's consent.

Certification Process

Following is a certification process.
Samsung Apps
  1. 1. Pre-examination

    API validation Manifest Integrity check APP packaging Malware check In the pre-examination phase, the application is validated based on the pre-examination requirement. (API validation, manifest file integrity, malware, etc)

  2. 2. Content Review

    Content Review (HQ, Local) :Legal issue / adult content /violence / etc Samsung Policy review Age rating review In the content review phase, the application is reviewed according to the content review criteria.

  3. 3. Device Test

    Usability (based on descrip- tion) testing Device compatibility testing Local testing In the device test phase, the application is reviewed according to the functional review criteria.

  4. 4 .Confirmation

    Defect review Final confirmation whether or not to approve the app Prepare and deliver report to seller In the confirmation phase, reviewers decide whether or not to approve application based on the content and device test result.