Implement App Continuity and Optimize Large Screen UI of a Gallery Application


Learn how to apply App Continuity and Large Screen Optimization on a gallery app for seamless experience on foldable devices.


Samsung foldable devices have two different physical screens: the cover display and the larger main display. App continuity lets you experience a seamless transition between these displays. When using an app that supports app continuity, you can unfold the device and continue where you left off. With this feature, apps can run without interruption when it receives a configuration change event, such as when a device is folded or unfolded. It is essential to continue the operation by keeping the same state and location of the app after the transition.

Large screen optimization plays another significant role in terms of UX designing for foldable devices. The screens of foldable devices have a wide range of aspect ratios, careful UX design is needed to suit two different size displays.