Get set up to use Samsung Mobile SDKs in your apps.

Galaxy AR Emoji SDK

Create your own avatar in your app

Galaxy GameDev

Build games for Galaxy devices - the world's largest mobile gaming platform

Galaxy Performance SDK

Optimize your application performance

Galaxy S Pen Remote SDK

Control apps remotely with your S Pen

Galaxy Themes

With Galaxy Themes, you can personalize\nGalaxy devices’ screens

Galaxy Z (Foldable)

App design guide for foldable phones


Create a useful health app on Galaxy Watch and a smartphone


A creative social network service for digital arts

Samsung Application Management

A solution to manage background applications for better system health

Samsung Automation Studio

Develop your apps using Samsung Automation Studio

Samsung DeX

Build apps to control desktops with smartphones

Samsung Blockchain

Build blockchain-enabled services for mobile devices

Samsung eSE SDK

Provides a way for service providers to deploy services using eSE on Samsung devices

Samsung IAP SDK

Make it possible to sell a variety of items in Samsung Galaxy applications

Samsung Internet

Build web apps for the Samsung Internet browser-powering all Samsung devices

Samsung Pay

Integrate secure Samsung Pay functionalities into your mobile app or website


A powerful solution to run applications in a trusted execution environment

Samsung Wallet

An all-in-one, single-swipe solution for tickets, boarding passes, coupons, and more

Samsung Wireless Fast Charge

Enables Samsung mobile devices to be fast-charged with the wireless fast charger

Experience the latest One UI with Android 14

Open to all users, the One UI Beta Program is an opportunity to try One UI features before their official release.
desktop mobile
desktop mobile

Foldables and Large Screens

New opportunities in the mobile experience.

New Watch Face Design Tool

New opportunities for new watch devices.
desktop mobile