Samsung Design System

Connecting with users the Samsung way.

The Samsung difference

The Samsung Design System delivers consistency and clarity across the entire user experience. By communicating with users through a single design system, users get a consistent experience across devices and services.
The Samsung difference. It starts with design.

Different devices.One seamless experience.

Today’s users have access to a variety of devices and interfaces that each offer distinct experiences. With the Samsung Design System, we’re able to provide a consistent experience across design elements such as icons, fonts, and charts.
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Powering connectivity

Our design system seamlessly integrates the full suite of Samsung devices and software. By maintaining consistency across user-to-user, user-to-device, and device-to-device communication, we’re building a world connected by design.

Design Principles

Each interface element has its own set of principles designed to maximize usability.


Icons are the fastest, most intuitive way to convey meaning. Thoughtfully designed, icons are recognizable and accessible to all.
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Fonts have the power to bring text to life. Uniquely localized, SamsungOne still manages to maintain Samsung’s unique identity.


Charts make even the most complex data easy to digest. Our intuitively designed charts make it simple to understand the story behind data.
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A sonic expression of Samsung’s relentless innovation.

UX Writing

Designing user experiences with words.
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Samsung Design Philosophy

Samsung pursues a bold, heart-to-heart design with users.