Samsung Pay

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In-App payments

The Samsung Pay SDK with its API library offers a quick and easy way to enable secure, one-touch payments in your app using your existing payment infrastructure. Once you integrate the SDK within your app's payment processing flow, users with the latest Galaxy-class smartphones will enjoy a rapid, consistent checkout process with Samsung Pay.

Web Checkout

Samsung Pay Web Checkout is an online payment method accessed from a web browser, PC-based or mobile, with authentication performed by Samsung Pay on the user's Samsung device. Initiated from a merchant web page, Web Checkout leverages Samsung Pay's In- App solution architecture for user authentication and transaction authorization.

W3C payments

Merchant websites can now use Samsung Pay by adhering to the W3C Payment Request standard. This reduces merchant checkout friction and card abandonment; enables a more advanced and secure mobile pay method within a web interfaces; decreases online fraud; and standardizes payment communication flow across devices and browsers.

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Add your card to Samsung Pay

The Samsung Pay SDK is designed to aid Integration of secure Samsung Pay functionality with partner apps, creating a near seamless path for Pay app activation and card enrollment so users can buy what they see, when they see it. Issuer apps can invoke SDK to add cards to the Samsung Pay app and initiate in-app identity and verification.
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Developer support

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