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Learn how to extend your apps to the big screen. Create seamless TV and mobile experiences with the latest Tizen TV SDK.

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Extension libraries are additional features supported by the Samsung Smart TV. You can use them to further enhance your application.

Tizen .NET TV Framework
Public Release

Develop cross-platform applications. The Tizen .NET TV framework, based on the C# framework, adds Samsung common device and TV-specific features on top of .NET Core and Tizen.
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Design Your App For Samsung Smart TV

Since TV isn’t a device that you hold or touch directly, it provides a user experience
How To Distribute

Now is the perfect opportunity to publish applications for Samsung Smart TVs.


Quick guide to check the essential items required before submitting the app on Samsung Apps TV Seller Office.

Smart TV Seller Office

Distribute and service your app developed based on with Tizen platform.

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If you have any issues to create Samsung Smart TV applications, please visit our Support page and find out solutions. We’re happy to help you.
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