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There are certain recommendations you need to follow. Please review Recommendations to bring your game to Galaxy Store.

The country displayed is based on your Samsung Account. Please submit a 1:1 Inquiry to the Samsung Account support team.

You must receive approval from the Galaxy Watch Review Team in order to distribute or sell your watch faces in Galaxy Store. For more information please visit the Watch Face Design Review page.


Only watch faces for Galaxy Watch3 or earlier can be distributed in Galaxy Store.Watch faces for Galaxy Watch4 or later registered in Seller Portal can only be sold in China. To sell your Galaxy Watch4 (or later) watch faces in any other country, register them in Google Play.

The Developer Support team does not have information about OS updates for specific device models as this depends on each specific device country and carrier.

The Developer Support team is actively working with different engineering teams to address the inquiries that we receive. We try to keep you informed of the status of your request and we will communicate any update as soon as we have one. You are also welcome to ask for an update at any time.

Samsung Electronics and its employees do not accept, review, or consider ideas, suggestions, or concepts that have not been officially requested by us. This is to prevent any potential dispute or misunderstanding as to the similarity between unsolicited submissions and our internally and independently developed products, technology and services.

We do not have information about unlocking devices. Please reach out to the Samsung Customer Support team for further guidance. You can find the available channels in your country at

Unfortunately, we do not have this type of information.

The Samsung USB driver can be downloaded from the Samsung Android USB Driver page.

The Developer Support team can help answer questions related to Samsung-specific SDKs and tools. The team does not do app development—we only provide guidance on how to use Samsung technologies.


Do you want to test your app on a Samsung device but don't have access to one? Using the Remote Test Lab service, remote access to an actual Samsung device is available! You can install and test your app, capture screenshots, record video, and monitor and download log information.

The Samsung Developer Program Technical Support team provides guidance to developers and designers who are integrating Samsung SDKs and/or using Samsung tools. If the issue you are seeing is specific to Samsung devices, please see the next FAQ.

If you experience an issue in your application only in Samsung specific devices, please use the support form and provide the following information:

  • Code snippet and/or steps to reproduce the issue—in this case, how frequently does this happen?
  • Device information (Model ID, OS version, Build number)
  • dumpstate log
Please take the dump-state log by doing the following:
  • Immediately after reproducing the issue, dial *#9900# and, if the Debug Level is Disabled/LOW, tap to select MID. This restarts the device.
  • Again dial *#9900# and press RUN DUMPSTATE/LOGCAT/
  • When it is finished, press COPY TO SDCARD (INCLUDE CP RAMDUMP)
In the main folder of the device file system there is a new folder named 'log'. The log file should be there.

The Samsung Developer Program Technical Support team provides guidance to developers and designers who are integrating Samsung SDKs and/or using Samsung tools. For device specific issues and/or questions please contact Samsung Customer Support. You can find the support channels available in your country at

Thank you for reaching out to us. The Samsung Developer Program Technical Support team provides guidance to developers and designers who are integrating Samsung SDKs and/or using Samsung tools. We value your feedback, therefore please share it in the Samsung Members community. You can do so directly from your mobile phone using the Samsung Members App.

The S Pen Remote SDK provides support for the S Pen in current devices and can be downloaded from the Galaxy S Pen Remote SDK page.


The S Pen SDK was deprecated in 2019 and there is no official support, download link, or implementation documentation available.

The exposure time range depends on device capability, which is suitable for general purpose development. Even though the camera capability is limited, a configuration beyond the capability still works. But the consistency/validity cannot be guaranteed in this case.