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The Developer Support team focus on providing technical support for Samsung SDKs and tools.
Please review our policy about ideas submission.


Find the most frequently asked questions and answers for Samsung Developers.

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The Developer Support team does not have information about OS updates for specific device models as this depends on each specific device country and carrier.
On a non-Samsung phone, the Galaxy Store is launched from the Galaxy Wearable app (Android) or Galaxy Watch app (iOS). These apps are available from the Play Store or Apple's App store. You must have a Galaxy or Gear watch paired with your non-Samsung phone in order to view content in the Galaxy Store.


  • Galaxy or Gear watch paired with your non-Samsung phone
  • Non-Samsung Android phones: Galaxy Wearable app available from Google Play Store
  • iOS phones: Galaxy Watch app available from Apple's App Store

For a list of devices and OS's compatible with these apps, see Galaxy Wearable Overview.

Note: Only watch apps are available from the Galaxy Store.

How to launch the Galaxy Store from the Galaxy Wearable app (Android)

The following example shows a Pixel2 running Android 8.1.0. The screens you see may vary depending on the type of phone you are using and the version of your OS.

  1. Launch the Galaxy Wearable app.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Samsung Galaxy Apps.

How to launch the Galaxy Store from the Galaxy Watch app (iOS)

The following example shows an iPhone 7+ running iOS 11.4.1. The screens you see may vary depending on the type of phone you are using and the version of your OS.

  1. Launch the Galaxy Wearable app.
  2. Tap Galaxy Store.
The Developer Support team is actively working with different engineering teams to address the inquiries that we receive. We try to keep you informed of the status of your request and we will communicate any update as soon as we have one. You are also welcome to ask for an update at any time.
You may be unable to connect to your Samsung wearable device for any number of reasons. For details about how to identify and correct this issue, see the Galaxy Watch Studio FAQ "Why can't I connect to my device?"
The Developer Support team does not manage the submission of new ideas. Our main focus is to provide technical support for those developers and designers creating applications with Samsung technologies.
We do not have this type of information.
Please submit a 1:1 Inquiry to the Samsung Account support team.
Samsung is aware of the conflict when using Weather and S-Health complications in the same Galaxy Watch Studio project. Both complications require data from two different platforms. For more information about weather complications, see Weather.
The Partner App Program is an exclusive service for Samsung Health that allows users to discover engaging health and fitness apps. To enable data exchange between your app and Samsung Health, please apply for the Partner App Program. Approved partner apps are displayed in Samsung Health > Discovery > Featured apps.

The Samsung Health SDK is only available for Android. For Tizen apps, you must become a partner and create a companion app to access Samsung Health data.

For more information, see the Samsung Health website.
Tizen Device Manager is a standalone tool that provides information about connected Tizen devices or emulators for application debugging purposes. With this tool, you can manage the connected devices or emulators and push or pull files from the host computer to devices.

You can use emulators to run your application in a virtual environment. In order to test the application in a variety of environments, you need a variety of emulators. The Emulator Manager helps you easily create and manage emulator instances.

To launch Device Manager, create a JAVA_HOME variable and set it to the C:\Program Files\Java\JREx.xx.xx folder.

To launch the Emulator Manager, the path must include the C:\Program Files\Java\JREx.xx.xx\bin folder.

To edit your system's environment variables, go to Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings > Environment Variables. Alternatively, you can search by pressing Windows Key + q, and then enter "Environment Variables."

For more details, see Tizen Studio.
The Developer Support team can help answer questions related to Samsung specific SDKs and tools. The team will not do app development, we only provide guidance on how to use Samsung technologies.

Do you want to test your app on a Samsung device but don't have access to one? Using the Remote Test Lab (RTL) service, remote access to an actual Samsung device is available! You can install and test your app, capture screenshots, record video, and monitor and download log information.

For more information, see About Remote Test Lab.
The main focus of Samsung Developer Program team is to help developers and designers to:

If you experience an issue with Android APIs, here are some resources that can help:

The author certificate is used for signing and verifying your app. It identifies the developer of the app and ensures that the app is not distributed by someone else, the developer can publish updates, and secure IPC (inter-process communication). For details, see "What is an author certificate and how is it used?" in the Galaxy Watch Studio FAQ.
If you experience an issue in your application only in Samsung specific devices, please contact us and provide the following information:

  • dumpstate log
  • Code snippet and/or steps to reproduce the issue - in this case, how frequently does this happen?

Please take the dump-state log by doing the following:

  1. Immediately after reproducing the issue, dial *#9900# and, if the Debug Level is Disabled/LOW, tap to select MID. This restarts the device.
  2. Again dial *#9900# and press "RUN DUMPSTATE/LOGCAT/"
  3. When it is finished, press "COPY TO SDCARD (INCLUDE CP RAMDUMP)"
  4. In the main folder of the device file system there is a new folder named "log". The log file should be there.
You can publish your app in Galaxy Store by following these steps:

  1. Sign up in Seller Portal*.
  2. Register your app in Seller Portal and submit it for review. There is no fee associated with registration or review.

*If you want to sell IAP items or paid apps, request a Seller Office Commercial account.

For more information, refer to the Seller Portal guides.
In Seller Portal, you can provide translated text and images by setting additional languages for your app. The translated text and images are displayed in Galaxy Store to users who are located in the app's distribution countries associated with that language. Translated text includes the app title, short description (simplified Chinese only), description, and tag entries. Translated images include the cover image and screenshots.

  1. In Seller Office, in your app's App Information area, click Advanced. This action displays the + Add button. Note the tab name displays the language that is being configured for your app (in the screen capture below, the language is English).

  2. Click + Add to open the Add Language window, select the language(s) for which you will be providing translated text and images, then click Save.
  3. Click Select Language and select the language you want to configure. Note that the tab name changes to the language you just selected.

  4. Enter your translated text and images and click Save.
  5. For each language you are configuring, repeat steps 3 and 4.
If you have lost your author certificate and do not have a backup, see the Galaxy Watch Studio FAQ "What to do if you've lost your author certificate or can't reset the password."
The distributor certificate is used for signing and verifying your app. It identifies the distributor (for example, Galaxy Store) and grants privileges to that distributor. For details, see the Galaxy Watch Studio FAQ "What is a distributor certificate and how is it used?"