Foldables and Large Screens

New opportunities in the mobile experience

Boost Your Apps’ Value with
Foldable & Large Screen Optimization

Your Galaxy becomes simpler, more convenient and better optimized with One UI. One UI provides meaningful innovations and improves your everyday life, ensuring that you adapt in the ever-changing world. Also, One UI continues to evolve to bring your joyful experiences to life.

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Rich UI Optimized for Large Screens!

Foldable devices can provide richer experiences than phones. Learn how to optimize your app's UI for large screen devices in our newly updated One UI guide.

If you don’t have any Galaxy Z devices try Remote Test Lab!

Remote Control Test Lab provides a foldable device for testing app even when you don’t onw one. Check out the Video tutorial on the Remote Test Lab to max out your knowledge!


The new form factor is not the only thing notable in foldable phones. It opens new opportunities in the mobile experience.

App Continuity

App continuity refers to the capability of an app to seamlessly restore the user state when it receives a configuration change.


The ability to have multiple windows open simultaneously benefits from larger screen real estate.

Flex Mode

When your phon is partially folded, it will go into Flex mode. Apps will reorient to fit the screen, letting you sending messages.

UX and UI Considerations

By considering new layouts and navigation patterns, app developers can explore opportunities to build greater experence.


The how your app reacts to Optimized UI layout, App continuity, Multi-Active Window and Flex Mode.

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