Leverage our Health Platform to develop powerful health applications for your Galaxy Watch or smartphone.

Accelerate innovation and research in health and wellness with Samsung's new Health SDKs

Samsung's Health SDKs enable a broad ecosystem of partners to accelerate innovation and solution development in health and wellness. As Galaxy Watch sensors and capabilities improve, you can, with user consent, integrate health data from Galaxy Watch and smartphones into your existing applications and platforms, as well as create innovative and powerful new products that enhance users' well-being through health insights.

Privileged Health SDK

The Samsung Privileged Health SDK is a software platform that enables the medical community and digital health solution providers to harness the power of Galaxy Watch’s advanced sensors to develop powerful health-sensing capabilities in their applications.
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Samsung Health Stack

The Samsung Health Stack encompasses open-source tools, applications, and services to ease running, managing, and analyzing health studies across the Android ecosystem.

Device Health SDK

The Samsung Health Device SDK defines Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) compatible guidelines and Samsung Health specifications based on Bluetooth Generic Attributes (GATT), including service structure, to connect with Samsung Health.
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Health Connect

Samsung and Google have collaboratively built a unified health platform that provides a simple and secure way to exchange health data between Android apps. Samsung Health synchronizes its data with Health Connect, including steps, exercise, heart rate, and sleep.

Code Lab

Learn about using the Samsung Health SDKs to implement useful features with our sample apps.


Technical Support

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