Utilize our Health Platform to create useful health apps for your Galaxy Watch or smartphone.

What's New in Health

Samsung's new health SDKs enable a broader ecosystem of partners to accelerate innovation and solution development in health and wellness. As Galaxy Watches mature with sensors and more features, the data from Galaxy Watches and the tracked health data from smartphones will enable you to not only incorporate the data into your existing applications and platforms, but you will also create innovative and powerful new products that create new insights to better improve and manage the health of our population.

Samsung Privileged Health SDK for apps on Watch

The Samsung Privileged Health SDK is a new software platform for creating Watch apps with advanced health tracking capabilities. It enables the developers to harness the power of Galaxy Watch’s advanced health sensors to detect and monitor user’ mobility metrics and health data.
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BLE Health Device Connection

Connect a BLE health device like a blood pressure monitor or a weight scale with Samsung Health app through BLE Health specifications.
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Code Lab

Learn about using the Samsung Health SDKs to implement useful features with our sample apps.


Technical Support

Did you have a trouble using the Samsung Health SDK? Submit your query and get a technical support for your app.