Remote Test Lab

Use the Remote Test Lab service to test your applications on a real device.

Don’t have a Samsung device to test your app? No problem! Test your apps on the latest Samsung Galaxy devices in our Remote Test Lab.

System Requirements
   Modern web browser: Firefox v2+, Internet Explorer v7+, Opera v9.6+, Chrome 7+ or Safari v3+
   JavaScript must be enabled in your browser
   Java Runtime Environment 7 or later with Java Web Start   (Be sure to use the public version if you have not purchased an Oracle Java SE subscription)
   Network port 2600 must be available

How to get started

Test your apps over the web in three simple steps

Step 1. Sign up - it’s free!
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Step 2. Select your preferences
To learn more about using Remote Test Lab, refer to the developer documentation.
Step 3. Start Testing
Go to the Remote Test Lab page, and click START TESTING.

Provide Feedback

Do you have feedback? Are we missing a device? Are we not supporting your 5K monitor? Send us feedback about how we can improve this service.