Implement Flex Mode on a Video Player


Learn how to implement Flex mode on a Video Player app using Android Jetpack Window Manager.


The Galaxy Z Fold2 is a foldable phone with a vertical axis that opens like a book, while the Galaxy Z Flip folds horizontally, dividing its screen into upper and lower sections. When the phone is partially folded, it is called Flex mode. Unfolding the phone will return the apps in a full screen mode.

In Flex mode, the app’s UX separates its controls on the bottom from the rest of the content on the top to fit the partially folded screen. When the phone is unfolded, window components will reoccupy their original positions to fit the full screen mode, like usual smartphones. For now, Galaxy Z Fold2 and Galaxy Z Flip only supports Flex mode and it gives a distinguished experience on camera, video call, multimedia, and other apps. To provide users with a convenient and versatile foldable experience, developers need to optimize their apps to meet the Flex mode standard.