Configure a Note-Taking App for Multi-Window Mode


Learn how to implement Multi-window features such as Drag & Drop and Copy & Paste on a note-taking app.


In Galaxy Fold or Galaxy Z Fold2, the advantage of its larger display is to split its screen and simultaneously use up to three apps. In multi-window mode, you can split the screen with one window being the main focus, and the other two windows off to the side. All three windows are active, not just the largest one. You can multitask in either landscape or portrait mode, giving you even more flexibility.

When using multi-window, drag & drop and copy & paste are useful features when multitasking. Drag and drop allows you to easily move data from one app to another, while copy and paste is a common feature used in most devices. To provide users with better multitasking experience on Samsung's foldable devices, developers need to optimize their apps to work on multi-window mode.