Implement KeyEvent-Callback by Mapping Air Actions


Learn how to implement KeyEvent-Callbacks on your S Pen Remote by mapping the Air Actions on a car racing game.


S Pen connects via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to a device and the S Pen Framework manages the connection.

BLE events are converted by the S Pen Framework into KeyEvents before sending to the app.

Apps are able to handle S Pen events by reusing existing KeyEvent-Callback without adding other interfaces.

Collecting and Sending S Pen Remote Events to Apps

The S Pen Framework collects and manages KeyEvents to be received by the app, and are defined in .xml format before making them public.

Below is the process of the S Pen Remote Event handling and sending S Pen Remote Event-defined KeyEvents to apps:

  1. A BLE event is sent to the S Pen Framework.
  2. The S Pen Framework checks for the foreground app and looks for the KeyEvent that the app made public.
  3. The found KeyEvent is sent to the app's KeyEvent-Callback.
  4. The app performs the actions defined in the KeyEvent.