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HDR10+/SALT and automatic HDR video creations for productions

HDR10+ is an essential technology for premium HDR viewing experience and it is widely reach to consumer displays including mobile devices. In order to provide HDR content services, it requires changing service provider's infra structure or workflows and video processing technology from SDR to HDR with a lot of engineering efforts. Then, HDR10+/SALT solutions and partnership program from Samsung is designed to build an extremely cost effective automatic solution up for content creators, post production houses and OTT service providers even including game developers. the solution package is designed with various standalone applications, reference APPs, SDKs on various OSes and partnership programs to help 3rd parties for creation of HDR contents. HDR10+/SALT partnership program provides full compatibility to HDR10+ LLC certification program and major studios, OTT service providers and tool makers are already partners of the program and Samsung provides them the best HDR content quality.


Seongnam Oh

Samsung Electronics