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Healthcare research hub

Our open source project provides end-to-end solutions such as SDK, platform, and portal for various use cases from medical research studies to clinician services using wearable devices. Medical research does not have to stay complicated. Anyone can easily build and customize their own research studies or clinician services using this open source. Recently, as the accuracy of sensors installed on wearable devices has improved, interest in healthcare research using wearable health data is increasing. However, it takes a lot of time for researchers to develop research applications and server infrastructure for storing and analyzing data from scratch. SR is developing Android SDK and data platform solutions that support healthcare research using health data from our wearable devices (Watch 4 and later versions) and provide them as open source in order to solve the pain points of these researchers and establish a digital health care research ecosystem centered on our wearable devices.


Jinwoo Song

Samsung Electronics

Jidon Yeo

Samsung Electronics