New Health Platform

The New Health Platform helps to track activities and workouts, and measure heart rate on Galaxy Watch in a power-efficient manner.
Data access in the health data stored on a watch and a phone enables your app to manage and share the user's health data in a secure manner.

The New Health Platform provides some of key features and benefits for developers:

  • Powerful health sensor
  • Accurate tracking of rich health data
  • Secure health data management

Powerful Health Sensor

The BioActive sensor equipped on Galaxy Watch4 allows users to monitor their blood pressure, detect an irregular heartbeat, measure their blood oxygen level, and calculate their body composition.

Accurate Tracking of Rich Health Data

Improved health tracking capability allows your application to track users' health data such as heart rate, steps, floors climbed, sleep and more.
Powerful exercise features includes accurate GPS-based fitness tracking and motion sensing capabilities. You can easily track walking, running, hiking, cycling, and golf exercise and detect unique motions including deadlifts, lunges, jumping jacks, swimming, and squats.
With the health events detection capability, you can also recognize meaningful health events such as inactivity and low or elevated heart rate, as well as detect falls.

Secure Health Data Management

The New Health Platform provides seamless, integrated health data management for both smartphones and smartwatches.
Applications can be interoperable by using the Health Data API and can access various health data with explicit user consent.
Users have the ability to switch off the data access whenever they want to.

See Health Services on Wear OS on Android Developers for more information.

Samsung Privileged Health SDK

The Samsung Privileged Health SDK is specialized SDK for Galaxy Watch 4 devices and provides both raw sensor signal data from the Samsung BioActive sensor and our differentiated features.
It supports accelerometer, heart rate, inter-beat interval, PPG, and raw ECG.
In addition, it provides more advanced health features such as body composition measurement to enable compelling use cases for health and fitness applications.

Supported Data Types

The following data types are currently supported by the Samsung Privileged Health SDK:

  • Accelerometer
  • PPG Green LED
  • Raw Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Heart Rate
    Heart rate and inter-beat interval
  • Body Composition
    Basal metabolic rate, body fat mass, body fat ratio, fat free mass, fat free ratio, skeletal muscle mass, skeletal muscle ratio and total body water

Partner App Program

Our Partner App Program is an exclusive service for the Samsung Privileged Health SDK that allows users to discover engaging health and fitness applications.
The Samsung Privileged Health SDK is now available to selectively granted partners and we will review all applications.
You can request access to the Partner App Program.


  • The Samsung Privileged Health SDK works on Galaxy Watch 4 devices or above with Wear OS powered by Samsung.
  • Testing of Samsung Privileged Health SDK features is not possible in an emulator.