Samsung Privileged Health SDK

Samsung Privileged Health SDK covers device-specific sensor data and enables partners to develop powerful health-sensing capabilities in their applications.

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What can be done with Samsung Privileged Health SDK?

The SDK supports an improved health tracking capability that allows your applications to track the user’s health data with the accelerometer, raw ECG (electrocardiogram), PPG (Photoplethysmogram), heart rate, including inter-beat interval, body composition, and skin temperature.

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Get deeper health insights to open new possibilities

The possible applications of the health data by Samsung Privileged Health SDK are numerous, ranging from remote patient monitoring to digital therapeutics. In particular, the raw sensor signals and processed data can lead to the discovery of new digital biomarkers for detecting signs of certain health conditions. In a specific example, a partner app on Galaxy Watch can notify a user if it detects gait pattern anomalies while the user is walking, leading to an early prognosis of a health condition.