Security: The Crucial Piece in Enterprise Software

Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP)

Software drives the enterprise world as much as it drives the consumer world.

A customer makes a payment on an in-store tablet, which sends purchase data to backend servers on AWS, which notifies a sales manager on their Salesforce mobile app. Every point of the value chain uses software in some form, and it is deeply embedded into the mobile devices we use for everything in enterprise from email to customer support.

Writing software for enterprises is roughly the same as for consumers, save for one crucial difference: security. Enterprises handle sensitive customer and company data, meaning they need to be sure that the software you write for them is going to keep their systems safe.

In this blog post, we explore how Samsung Knox Platform for Enterprise helps you build security and manageability into your mobile enterprise software products.

Enterprise solutions: secure by design

Security is not an afterthought, but part of the design of an enterprise software product.

Follow these fundamental principles in the design of your software:

  • Confidentiality – Is the data stored in your solution private? Ex. Protect data at rest and data in transit with tools such as data isolation, encryption, and tunneling.
  • Authenticity – Can you determine whether a user is authorized or not? Ex. Use biometric authentication, device-unique hardware keys
  • Integrity – Can you guarantee the integrity of the entire device where your software runs? Ex. Real-time Kernel Protection (RKP)
  • Manageability – Can you manage a wide range of device features and settings at a granular level? Ex. Automatically connect devices to a specific corporate Wifi network, prevent users from factory resetting devices

You may be thinking that it would be quite challenging for you to adequately implement each of these principles in your software solution, especially without formal training in cybersecurity. That’s completely natural, and it’s for that reason that we developed Samsung Knox Platform for Enterprise.

How Samsung Knox Platform for Enterprise secures your enterprise software

In one package, Samsung Knox Platform for Enterprise provides you tools to satisfy the core security principles: confidentiality, authenticity, integrity, and manageability. It is a hardware-backed security and manageability solution for Samsung devices that can be configured using the SDKs hosted on the Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP) developer website.

Our two flagship SDKs allow you to develop secure mobile and wearable device solutions for your enterprise customers:

  • Knox SDK – manage and configure settings and security for devices such as phones and tablets
  • Knox Tizen SDK for Wearables – manage and configure wearable device settings and security

Knox Platform for Enterprise is compliant with the most stringent regulations in the world, including US and UK government security regulations - so if you want to build software for governments, you can do that too. Knox Platform for Enterprise customers include leading government agencies, banks, and corporations around the world.

You can see below a snapshot of the features Samsung Knox Platform for Enterprise can provide your solutions.

Next Steps

Interested in seeing how Samsung Knox Platform for Enterprise can help you develop enterprise solutions?

Visit SEAP, our developer site for enterprise software, or Samsung Knox for more information about our security and enterprise products.