Samsung Wireless Fast-Charge Guide

Samsung Wireless Fast-Charge Guide v1.0.2

1. Introduction to Samsung Proprietary Power Delivery Extension

Samsung Proprietary Power Delivery Extension (PPDE) is the technology that enables Samsung mobile devices to be fast-charged with the wireless fast charger. Samsung Wireless Fast Charge is a brand of Samsung PPDE technology.

This specification document covers the minimum requirement of Samsung PPDE technology embodiment. It is also a technical standard document of Samsung Electronics. The specification defines the protocol such as proprietary packets, work flow and sequence. THE USE OF THIS SPECIFICATION DOES NOT ALLOW DEVELOPERS TO USE SAMSUNG’S LOGO NOR THE BRAND NAME. SAMSUNG WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY AND ALL CLAIMS AND/OR DAMAGES ARISING FROM OR RELATED TO THE DEVELOPER’S WIRELESS PRODUCT.

2. Purpose

Samsung has been a pioneer and an advocate of the wireless charging technology by implementing it in smartphones since 2015. Samsung smartphones are certified by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), compliant to WPC Basic Power Profile (BPP) specification of 5W. Samsung smartphones are also compliant to Power Matter Alliance (PMA) standard specification. Samsung Wireless Fast Charge, a proprietary extension to WPC BPP specification has enhanced the wireless power delivery higher than 5W to Samsung smartphones for the sake of user’s benefit, which is not compatible with generic WPC Extended Power Profile (EPP) specification. Samsung is enthusiastic to help any 3rd -party developers to use this document, in order to establish the safe and reliable eco-system of Samsung Wireless Fast Charge. From this document, 3rd party developers can learn to design their wireless charger products to fast-charge Samsung smartphones.

3. Conformance requirement

Any manufacturers deploying Samsung PPDE technology are obligated to attain the WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) certification of their wireless charger products including Samsung PPDE compliance test at designated ATLs (Authorized Test Labs).

Information about WPC PPDE compliance test is available at : [Login Required]


Samsung Wireless Fast Charge has been supported by flagship Smartphone models since Galaxy Note 5, and we will continue the support Samsung Wireless Fast Charge for flagship smartphone models in the future. Meanwhile, we could not make it for the particular model owing to the technical issue.

The wireless charger developers are requested to understand the Samsung Wireless Fast Charge specification in this technical document and to design their wireless charger compliant to the minimum requirement such as the protocol, timing and sequence of the control communication between Samsung mobile device and the wireless charger for operating Samsung Wireless Fast Charge.

When the wireless charger is not fully compliant to Samsung Wireless Fast Charge specification, Samsung mobile device may abort from Samsung Wireless Fast Charge mode to normal wireless charge mode. Further, Samsung mobile device may also stop the wireless charge for protecting itself against potential safety risks to user and the mobile device.

WPC(Wireless power consortium) standard certification program includes Samsung PPDE safety compliance test. Apply to WPC certification program including Samsung PPDE(Proprietary Power Delivery Extension) safety compliance test and check if the wireless charger is fully compliant to Samsung Fast Charge specification. The developers can find out the detail of information at WPC website

The unknown signal transmission between Samsung mobile and Samsung's own wireless charger is out of the scope in this technical document. The 3rd party developers should design the wireless charger to react "no response" to the unknown signals. Otherwise, Samsung mobile device may stop wireless charging or the wireless charger may lose the wireless charging interoperability.