Arm Launches Free Training for Game Developers

The Samsung Developers team works with many companies in the mobile and gaming ecosystems. We're excited to support our friends Arm as they bring timely and relevant content to developers looking to build games and high-performance experiences. This free training series will help developers get the most out of the hardware on Samsung mobile devices.

Webinars explore Android hardware and game optimization

Mobile technology architect, Arm, is offering free mobile graphics optimization training for game developers everywhere from May 2021. The training includes three detailed webinars, run by the Arm performance analysis team, each including a live Q&A session with profiling experts. Game developers can sign up to the webinars to learn best practice advice for building graphics, investigating bottlenecks and interrogating all areas of performance using free tools.

To get maximum benefit from the training, game developers should attend all three sessions in sequence to cover the following topics:

Driving graphics performance in Android computing

If you don’t already know, Arm is a top provider of leading-edge IP for over 95% of smartphones, with the Arm Cortex CPU and Arm Mali GPU powering mobile graphics across the globe. This means you can find Arm GPUs in an extensive list of popular Samsung devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S-Series (after Galaxy S7) and the Galaxy A-Series (after Galaxy A10). The new webinar series will provide practical training and advice for anyone developing for Arm-based platforms, covering everything from fundamentals of underlying GPU hardware to API best practices.

Taking graphics advice out to the broadest audience

Arm regularly offers bespoke training to game studios around the use of its free suite of game performance analysis tools, called Arm Mobile Studio, as well as broader graphics fundamentals. The training has been particularly helpful for improving game efficiency for several studios, including at King, for optimizing its ‘Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!’ game and at Wargaming, for profiling ‘World of Tanks Blitz’.

Technical Director for Arm Mobile Studio, Peter Harris, says: The webinars are based on some of the most widely applicable aspects of what we offer in our bespoke training. Before getting into the very specific performance problems a game might encounter, we share some of the basics around what the GPU is doing, what sort of workloads cause it to stress and how you might prevent that. We have had great feedback on our bespoke courses from participants and found this aspect of discussion a real eye-opener for studios. We are delighted at the opportunity to share this material with a wider online audience and empower the industry when tackling performance optimization for Arm Mali.

Mobile game performance analysis has never been more important

Across game studios, mobile game performance is of increasing importance in every genre as mobile gaming has elevated to one of the highest performing industries globally, worth in the region of 77.2 billion US dollars in revenue in 2020. Growth in this sector is expected to continue in 2021 and beyond, increasing the rewards for studios who can deliver a console-like experience for players on mobile and compelling games that people can play for longer, without battery strain.

The new training webinars are just the latest addition to a body of graphics education from Arm, which includes a helpful library of support for dealing with common issues such as high overdraw and fragment bound code.

You can use the link here to sign up to all of the Arm game developer training webinars.