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Games with Samsung Galaxy

Foldable devices have much potential for game development. We show how to create responsive UI with Flex Mode and how to make use of Samsung Remote Test Lab and Unity's Adaptive Performance feature. GPU DevTech is a game development support program started by Samsung that has been optimizing games for Samsung Galaxy devices since 2016. We discuss some game optimization best practices, ray tracing for Galaxy, and GPUWatch, a performance monitoring tool. Samsung’s new mobile cloud gaming platform enables game publishers to point users directly to their mobile games, bypassing the app store install process. We share the key benefits of this platform, showcase its impact on both organic and paid user acquisition, and introduce the mobile performance ad, a new product that uses Samsung's unique data, insights, and inventories to help cloud gaming partners efficiently acquire high-value users.


Michael Barnes

Samsung Research UK

David Berger

Unity Technologies

Dongmin Chwa

Samsung Electronics

Jong Woo

Samsung Electronics

Sangchul Song

Samsung Electronics