Dive into the future of connected customer experiences through tech sessions by developers offering further insight into the innovations introduced in the keynote




Advanced Professional Video Codec

Open Theater Mobile Experience, Mobile

The Advanced Professional Video codec is a new codec for high quality video capture and post-production on smart phones.


AI & MLOps infrastructure for enterprise-grade LLMs

Tech Session Sustainability / Innovation, AI

VESSL AI's tech session on MLOps practices for training, tuning, and deploying Llama2-scale LLMs and generative AI.


Bringing AI/ML into Production: Where do we stand?

Open Theater Sustainability / Innovation, AI

Unlock the future of education with AI and IoT, learn how tech is personalizing classrooms, and gain insights for your own setting.


Developer Center Announcement

Tech Session Platform Innovation, IoT, Developer Program

Our new Developer Center makes it easier to get your products integrated and "Works With SmartThings" certified.


Experience Interactive Advertisement on Samsung TV Plus

Tech Session Screen Experience, Contents&Service, SmartTV, Monetization

Introduction to the features of Interactive Advertisements on Samsung TV Plus and the technology behind them.


Exploring the Digital Health Ecosystem: Samsung Health as Digital Front Door

mega session Health Experience, Health, Wearable, Mobile

New Samsung Health features, Samsung Privileged Health SDK, and collaboration for research with Samsung Health Stack.


Gamepad on Tizen TV

Mega Session Screen Experience, Game, Developer Program, Tizen

This session provides valuable tips and techniques for game application developers and gamepad manufacturers.


Games with Samsung Galaxy

Mega Session Mobile Experience, Game, Android, Mobile

The latest in mobile gaming development technologies, responsive UI for Flex mode, and mobile cloud gaming.


Generative AI for coding: Improving productivity in SW development

Tech Session Sustainability / Innovation, AI

Introduce Samsung's multilingual code generation model and internal AI-powered coding assistant tool.


HDR10+ Gaming

Mega Session Screen Experience, Game

The HDR10+ GAMING Panel discussion covers an overview of HDR10+ GAMING and how game developers can support it.


Next-Gen Pet Care with Dr.Tail

Open Theater Sustainability / Innovation, Health, Contents&Service, Mobile

Merging past health records with cutting-edge veterinary consultations for pet wellness.


Open License of SolarCell Remote Tech

Tech Session Screen Experience, ESG

We explain the eco-friendly SolarCell Remote technology, and introduce the technology license open to everyone.


Open Source On-Device AI SW Platform for Optimized Executions, Personalization, Pipelines, and MLOps

Tech Session Platform Innovation, AI, Open Source

Introduce open source On-Device AI Software platform NNStreamer, NNTrainer


Programmable Picture Quality Enhancement Architecture

Tech Session Sustainability / Innovation, AI

Introducing a programmable picture quality enhancement architecture to remove the limitations of the conventional model.


Relumino for People with Low Vision

Open Theater Sustainability / Innovation, ESG

Relumino Mode enhances video playback to enable people with low vision to enjoy their favorite content.


Revolutionizing App Design and Development: PRISM

Open Theater Screen Experience, UI/UX, Productivity, AI

PRISM and FLUX revolutionize the design process by automating the transition from design to code.


S/W Platform for Digital Appliance: Part I. TizenRT

Tech Session Home Experience, Digital Appliances, AI, IoT

Introducing a full-fledged software platform for smart appliances that provides technologies for IoT and on-device AI./conference/sdc23/sessions/sw-platform-for-digital-appliance-part-i-tizenrt


S/W Platform for Digital Appliance: Part II. Tizen

Tech Session Home Experience, Digital Appliances, Tizen

Samsung's home appliances aim to create a better and more meaningful home ecosystem using the Tizen OS.


Samsung Wallet: Expanding the Ecosystem

Tech Session Mobile Experience, Contents&Service, Productivity, Wearable

How Samsung Wallet is expanding and building experiences that improve our daily lives.


SmartThings and Matter

Tech Session Platform Innovation, IoT, Open Source, Developer Program

Get a brief introduction to Matter, new enhancements with SmartThings, and new developer tools that make it easy to integrate your devices.


SmartThings Enterprise API for Multifamily

Tech Session Platform Innovation, IoT, Enterprise, Digital Appliances

Learn more about the Enterprise API, a new way to unlock the power of the SmartThings platform for complex, multi-unit environments.


SmartThings Find service update

Tech Session Platform Innovation, Developer Program, IoT, Enterprise

Updates On The Latest SmartThings Find Developements, including SmartThings Find SDK.


SmartThings Intelligence Platform

Tech Session Platform Innovation, IoT, AI

Introduction to the SmartThings Intelligence Platform and models for presence detection in the home.


The Role of AI & IoT in making Classrooms Smarter & enabling Personalized Education

Open Theater Sustainability / Innovation, IoT, AI, ESG

Unlock the future of education with AI & IoT. Learn how tech is personalizing classrooms. Gain insights for your own setting.


Tizen SDK

Tech Session Screen Experience, Developer Program, SmartTV, Tizen

Public launch of Remote Test Lab for TV, enabling application testing on various TV models through your web browser.


Trends & challenges in AI/LLM business, and how Samsung co-operates with Start-ups

Tech Session Sustainability / Innovation, AI, Enterprise, Monetization

Covering trends in AI tech and business (on LLM), upcoming regulations, and Samsung's innovation efforts with start-ups.


What's New and Next in Watch Face Studio 2023

Tech Session Mobile Experience, Wearable, Design, Mobile

Let's learn the main new features of Watch Face Studio 2023 and enjoy the new Watch Face Studio Plugin experience.


What's new in foldables

Tech Session Mobile Experience, Android, Mobile

Discover new possibilities with the large Flex Window and how to develop applications and widgets for foldables.


What's new in Tizen 8.0

Tech Session Platform Innovation, Tizen, SmartTV

Unveiling of the new features in Tizen 8.0, elevating both developer and user experiences.


What's new in Tizen Enterprise Platform

Tech Session Screen Experience, Enterprise, Tizen, Productivity

Sharing the progress of the Tizen Enterprise Platform and highlighting the new TBM Portal and UEM Framework features.


Why Tizen Licensing?

Tech Session Screen Experience, Tizen

How Tizen platform licensing and becoming a Samsung partner can enhance your product and business.


Works With SmartThings 2.0

Open Theater Platform Innovation, Developer Program, IoT

Learn how WWST helps your products stand out, perform their best, and how our new tools let you get to market faster.