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SmartThings and Matter

Matter is rapidly becoming the most popular IoT protocol in the smart home, with support from over 300 industry-leading and innovative companies from across the world. Matter is a universal IP-based communication protocol for smart home devices that makes them simple to buy and set up, interoperable, reliable, and secure. SmartThings, as one of the first adopters of the Matter standard, currently provides Matter hub capabilities across Samsung TVs, Smart Monitors, Sound Bars, Family Hub fridges, as well as the SmartThings Station. Developers are welcomed to learn about new tools for building Matter devices that connect with these hubs. Learn about enhancements SmartThings is making to our architecture, and how device partners can take advantage of them. In addition to supporting the core features of your Matter devices, we’re announcing new tools and integrations to make it easier to develop innovative smart devices and apps, and integrate them with SmartThings. These include our new Developer Center, SmartThings Home API, multi-hub support, hub-replacement, and our hub everywhere strategy.


Charles Kim

Samsung Electronics

Zach Michel