Tech Session Sustainability / Innovation, AI, Enterprise, Monetization

Trends & challenges in AI/LLM business, and how Samsung co-operates with Start-ups

The significant transformation in the AI business triggered by the emergence of ChatGPT at the end of 2022 continues to evolve. According to Professor Andrew Ng, while the world experienced many shocks from the emergence of the super AI originating from GPT, there is still no globally dominant super application in the business landscape. This has led numerous global tech giants and start-ups to engage in various diverse experiments. During this session, we discuss the technological developments and business applications in the AI industry, especially in B2B AI, driven by the advent of hyperscale AI. We also delve into the directions of domestic and international regulations related to super AI and the strategies of companies in adopting Large Language Models (LLMs) in recent times. Topics to be covered include: 1. Technological and business trends of domestic and international AI companies in the context of hyperscale AI. 2. Trends in AI-related regulations. 3. Strategies of AI companies and companies utilizing AI technology. 4. Perspectives from AI and data start-ups. 5. Samsung's open innovation and start-up incubation program.


Michael Hwang