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Works With SmartThings 2.0

The new era of smart homes, driven by open standards like Matter, is creating new challenges and opportunities for device makers, and the Works With SmartThings program is evolving to better address device partners’ development and business needs. In this session, we show you how Works With SmartThings helps your products stand out in a competitive market, leveraging the scale and confidence of the Samsung brand, and new opportunities to drive preference and purchase by SmartThings users. And when users bring your devices home, our new and upgraded tools help your products look and perform their best. To bring you all these benefits sooner, we’ve streamlined our certification process for hub-connected devices, to get your entire product family certified and promoted to users through a single process, with greater speed and predictability. Learn why to partner with us in the new era of Works With SmartThings, and follow it up with the Developer Center session to learn how!


Daniel Moneta