Accessory SDK version
  • We introduce SAAgentV2 as a workaround solution to avoid Android's new policy - "Background Execution Limit".
  • Previously, you could avoid this policy only by starting SAAgent(Service) in foreground with a notification.
  • However, SAAgentV2 whose functionalities is identical to SAAgent no longer inherits an Android Service. Instead of Android Service, JobService is working seperately from SAAgentV2 in SDK to handle background executions. So you can use SAAgentV2 without a notification.
  • Please refer to Programming Guide and JavaDoc for more details. In particular, Migration Guide attached to the Programming Guide will help you switch from SAAgent to SAAgentV2.
  • If interested in Android's new background process policy, please refer to "Google's official guides for Android 8.0(Oreo)" in the following link:


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