Edge(Look) SDK version 1.4.0
(7.64MB) Mar 23, 2017
  1. Edge applications (API 22 or lower) should be republished to Mashmallow (API 23) as Android 6.0 changes the Runtime permissions and the Android Marshmallow policy.
  2. Look SDK v.1.3.0 supports new UI styles to be developed on Edge applications with richer UIs.
  3. The S-Pen features in the Look SDK(AirButton, SmartClip, WritingBuddy, PointerIcon) will be deprecated from Android 7.0 Nougat. Accordingly, the AirButton and the WritingBuddy features will be deleted starting from the Look SDK 1.4.0. In addition, the SmartClip and the PointerIcon will be not available as of 30th of June, 2017. Please note that the call of the features have no action any more from Android 7.0 Nougat.

Sample Application

Edge(Look)Sample App

# Release Note

Release Version


Release Date

Mar 23, 2017

Release Contents

SDK Libraries Provides the Samsung Look SDK libraries.
Sample Provides sample application.
Documents API References For more information about Look APIs, see the API Reference

Programming Guides The programming guide includes an overview, Hello applications, and feature descriptions.
Tools Edge Simulator Helps enable developers to create Edge Application with any Android device or Android Virtual Device.

Change History

  • Added a new API to set pull to refresh action for the Edge screen.
  • Added new APIs to set long click pending intent.
  • Deprecated, S-pen SDK (SmartClip, PointerIcon). Will be deprecated in N OS as concept of changes and lack of usage.
  • Removed, deprecated S-Pen SDK (AirButton, WrittingBuddy).
  • Updated open source announcement
  • Added an Edge simulator.
  • Added a new action for the Cocktail Provider and an attribute in Cocktail-Provider-Info, implementing the Edge Single Plus panel.
  • Added a new API to describe the Edge Single Plus panel.
  • Added a search filter for the Edge Single Plus panel for Galaxy Apps.
  • Released enhanced width stability and better performance.
  • Added the COCKTAIL_PANEL feature for stand-alone applications.
  • Added a category attribute in CocktailProviderInfo for the feeds panel.
  • Added a search filter for the feeds panel on Galaxy Apps.
  • Changed the behavior of Slook that checks the Android version before checking a feature or enhanced stability.
  • Released with enhanced stability and better performance.
  • Removed support for 'Menu List'(UI_TYPE_MENU) AirButton for the Note 4 and Note Edge due to a concept change. See sample APK. (3. Air Button > 1. Simple > Menu, 3. Air Button > 3.SurfaceView, 3. Air Button > 4. SurfaceView-Manual)
  • Changed how the 'Menu List'(UI_TYPE_MENU) opens from pressing the 'sidekey' to 'hovering' for improved usability for the Note 4 and Note Edge.
  • Added CocktailBar in order to develop a display panel with the Edge screen.
  • Added a search filter for the Edge screen’s panels on Galaxy Apps.
  • Separated the Look from the Samsung Mobile SDK to make an efficient environment for application development.
  • Added a new required permission when initializing Look. Refer to the programming guide for more information.
  • To be compatible with update Android 4.4 policy, permissions are added in the AndroidManifest file of sample.

Known Issues

Currently none.


  • Specialized widgets for expanded functions for the Android View System.
  • Edge, SmartClip, PointerIcon.