Edge(Look) offers specialized widgets and service components for extended functions of the Samsung Android devices.

Edge Functions

Edge(Look) supports the following functions:

  • Edge Single Mode
  • Edge Single Plus Mode
  • Edge Feeds Mode (Deprecated)
  • Edge Immersive Mode (Deprecated)

From Galaxy S6 Edge M OS, Edge Feed mode and Edge Single Plus mode are supported and this feature has been added to Edge(Look) SDK 1.3.0. For more information, please refer to this document: UI Design Guideline

Edge Single Mode

The Application for Edge Single Mode is viewed on the Edge(curved) screen area. You can publish one with the cocktail provider, which is added in the Edge screen area. You can enable some Edge Single Modes in Edge Settings, and change them through the revolving action on Edge service.

Edge Single Plus Mode

Edge Single Plus mode is similar with Edge Single Mode, but can provide many contents using the wide UI. Edge(Look) v1.3.0 supports the options where you can define the variable width and API which can describe the Edge Single Plus mode.

Edge Single Plus mode is supported in Galaxy S6 Edge M OS, and Galaxy S6 Edge+ M OS and Galaxy S7 Edge M OS.

Edge Feeds Mode

Edge Feeds Mode is similar with Edge Single Mode but with simpler information.

Edge Immersive Mode

You can use the extra edge screen as a sub-window for the main activity to offer wider views.

A screen with a 16:10 expanded view is provided by arranging components of each screen as Edge screen area. This is provided while a specific Application is running, or in a specific screen of the Application and once you get out of the screen or application, this automatically disappears.