Galaxy FM Radio SDK


Frequency modulation (FM) radio technology is used worldwide to transmit high-fidelity sound over broadcast radio. Some Samsung smartphone devices are equipped with an FM radio hardware module, which enables the device to receive FM broadcast signals.

Unlike Internet radio, FM radio does not require network connectivity and bandwidth, and consumes less battery power. The user can listen to local FM radio stations, which are also used by local authorities to deliver important public service alerts during emergency situations.

The main features of the Galaxy FM Radio SDK include:

  • Switching the FM radio module on and off
  • Tuning the module to a specific frequency
  • Scanning available frequencies to find radio channels

When your application calls an API method of the Galaxy FM Radio SDK, the command is passed to the Radio Framework, which controls the FM radio hardware module.

Figure: Controlling the radio module with the Galaxy FM Radio SDK
Figure: Controlling the radio module with the Galaxy FM Radio SDK

Partnership Request Process

To use the Galaxy FM Radio SDK, you must become a Samsung partner. To request partnership:

1. Open the partnership request form.

If prompted, log in to your Samsung Account. If you do not already have a Samsung Account, create one.

2. Enter your company and developer information.

Your name, email address and country are filled in for you.

3. Enter information about the application for which you are applying to use the Galaxy FM Radio SDK.

Provide the name and description for the application, and attach documents that detail the application features and use cases.

4. When you are ready to submit the request, click "Submit".

Your parnership request is reviewed. When it is approved, you receive access to the Galaxy FM Radio SDK libraries and documentation.

5. Use the Galaxy FM Radio SDK to develop your application.