The Galaxy Performance SDK enables your application to react to changes in system resource usage and availability. For example, if the hardware is undergoing thermal throttling, you can adjust your application's CPU or GPU usage to maintain application performance.
During application development, you can trace the system behavior using various tracing tools and, for example, take note of when the application requires the most processing power.

When a Galaxy Performance SDK method call is successful, it returns a success value. For more information, see the API reference.

No. Excessive calls can be limited or rejected to protect the device hardware.
No. Hardware is controlled by other performance management techniques, such as dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS), dynamic clock and voltage scaling (DCVS), load tracking, and scheduling.

Most Samsung Galaxy devices support the Galaxy Performance SDK, but some device hardware have limitations of their own. For assistance, use the Samsung Developer Forum.

Yes. During initialization, device support is checked. If the device is not supported, the Galaxy Performance SDK methods have no effect.